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Welcome to The Violinists Library, founded by Marshall Read!

About Marshall:

Marshall Read is an acclaimed violinist, passionate educator, and creator behind The Violinists Library. With a lifelong devotion to the violin, Marshall has obtained a Bachelor of Music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a Master of Music from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Marshall has performed as soloist, chamber musician and orchestral violinist throughout Australia & Europe.

Inspiration Behind The Violinists Library:

The idea for The Violinists Library was born from Marshall's desire to create a platform that would serve as a valuable resource for violinists worldwide. Having wanted a resource such as this during his youth he understood the need for a comprehensive hub where musicians of all levels could find ideas, inspiration and guidance.



At The Violinists Library, we believe that music is a universal language. Our mission is to foster a nurturing space where violinists have free access a vast catalogue of repertoire, a comprehensive grading system and practice guides to varying repertoire.

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