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Welcome to The Violinists Library

An extensive catalogue of repertoire for the violin. 

Welcome to The Violinists Library, a free and comprehensive online resource for cataloging and exploring the vast world of violin repertoire. This website is dedicated to providing a centralised database of violin compositions from various genres and eras, making it easier for violinists, teachers, and music enthusiasts to discover and study pieces for the violin.

​Our catalogue features a wide range of repertoire, including concertos, etudes, orchestral excerpts, showpieces, solo works and more, all sorted into recommended difficulty levels so you can find something to play no matter what level you are.

Whether you're a beginner looking for a suitable piece to practice or an advanced violinist searching for a challenging concerto, The Violinists Library offers a wealth of options to explore. 

Practice guides are edited scores available for purchase to assist you in your learning. They contain suggested bowings, dynamics, fingerings, phrasings, tempo & other helpful tips to help you play your best. 


The website is regularly updated, but if you have a personal favorite that you believe should be included, you can submit your suggestions for consideration. 

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